Jan-Tore Øvrevik Managing Director, Trees4Family Ltd., NORWAY

Jan-Tore has a four year graduate degree from Oslo Business School. Since 1993 he has worked with data, programming, development, education, business courses, lectures and consultancy work for companies like Borregaard, Dnb, Denofa etc.

Jan-Tore worked as a project manager at Child Africa for two years, which now has sponsors from about 40 countries around the world. Jan-Tore is a co-founder of Better Globe and is involved into its web and marketing projects.

Trees4Family Ltd. is a registered Norwegian company founded on April 16, 2015. Our main goal is to help our partners, Better Globe Forestry and Child Africa, with their work of planting trees, building schools and making champions out of underprivileged children. As part of this program, we have started a donation project where we not only give away donation trees to schools, but actively include impoverished children in the planting process in their schools. As part of the educational program, we teach the children how they further follow up nurturing their trees to provide fruits and nuts in their meals and the importance of getting nutritions every day.

Our partners play an important role in this tree donation project. Better Globe Forestry Ltd. is a forestry company in Kenya (incorporated in 2004) known for their sustainable tree planting programs, microfinance schemes, educational programs and water supply for rural communities. The company also publishes Miti, The Tree Farmers Magazine for Africa. Our other partner, Child Africa, is an award winning non-profit organization (founded in 1991) who helps disadvanteged children in East Africa with food, clothing, medicine, education and even homes. Child Africa guides, encourages and inspires the children into honesty and integrity as a tool to reduce poverty and corruption, and to build champions. To spread the word faster, Child Africa publishes and distributes a free magazine called Bingwa (Champion) to schools, which is an informative, interactive and inspiring children's publication.

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